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Reem Darar

Titan Contracting 

Anderson does exquisite work! I had him do some custom pieces for the Colonial Inn in Hillsborough that I’m working on and he delivered custom pieces above my expectations! Hands down the most talented woodworker I’ve ever encountered!

Elise Tyler

The Colonial Inn

I cannot say enough about the quality and craftsmanship of Northern South Woodworks. We used them for multiple pieces in a massive historic restoration project. They came on time, they were creative and provided solutions rather than issues, they fulfilled every order. They communicated, executed and delivered without hesitation. I would trust them with any size project implicitly. Out of many, many subcontractors, they were the best I worked with bar none. The gorgeous end product speaks for itself, but if it didn't, I could go on and on! If you're on the fence with your project...jump off and on board with them, you won't be disappointed.

Susan Williams

Repeat Customer

I recommend Northern South Woodworks because the craftmanship is a plus. Originality and detail are important to them. They offer suggestions to the customer and are willing to design a product that is pleasing to the eye. They also have available and use different types of wood in their business.

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