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what WE DO

Combining standard woodworking skills with an abstract artistic mind, we want every customer to leave with a piece that will not only last a lifetime but will be so unique that it can't be found anywhere else. We aspire to make almost every part of our works in-house to ensure that there is nothing generic about our products. We work with, and combine, all kinds of materials including reclaimed barn-wood, epoxy, metals, stones, etc.


We are happy to serve North Carolinians and surrounding states.

but we will happily ship to any location in the United States. We work with builders, businesses, private homeowners, architects and designers all over North Carolina. We work with all budgets and project sizes. 


We are just one phone call or email away! We work with you to understand your vision and desires. Once we have collaborated, we will provide you an in-depth quote and timeline. 
Then we get to work!
Fill out our contact form today, or give us a call!



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